YWCA the Monday Project YWCA the Monday Project


The Monday Project




A new weekly counseling program aimed at teenage victims of sexual abuse


A simple, cost-effective solution was needed to reach a population of victims who historically have not been easy to reach (for obvious reasons). This flyer was printed in-house and mailed addresses collected through the YWCA's counseling intake interviews.


Similarly-constructed group counseling sessions at the YWCA typically have three to four attendees. The Monday Project had nearly double that many confirmed attendees in the month following the mailing, a number that held steady through the duration of the six-week program, despite poor weather, school closings, and the naturally emotionally difficult nature of the sessions. Seven young women who'd had their lives affected in the most terrible way by sexual violence found support, answers, and comraderie thanks to this program and to be asked to play a part in that has been one of the highlights of my career.