Flex-Track Flex-Track Flex-Track Flex-Track


Adult learners recruitment campaign


Roosevelt University,
College of Professional Studies


Plateaued enrollment numbers plus poor retention rates led to sagging overall numbers and a sense both inside and outside the college that the adult studies program was nondescript and lagging behind those of comparable peer programs.


Research showed several friction points within the enrollment process where prospective students dropped out. Raw enrollment numbers were solid; conversions were the problem. Folks felt that communication from the college about the program—starting with the name itself—failed to completely or accurately describe the program. With this in mind, I suggested a complete rebrand that included a new name, Flex-Track instead of Fast-Track, to better highlight the adaptability of the program, as well as a focus on transparency and authenticity in communications with prospective students. Eliminating those hurdles during a student's research and enrollment process should result in higher conversion and retention rates, which leads to reaching enrollment goals without increasing the number of overall applications.


The first phase of the rebranded adult learners campaing consisted of a printed 12-page brochure to be handed out to prospective students and college and career fairs. This has been well-recieved by students and college faculty and administration. Phase two is creation of several bespoke landing pages and program microsites that have been designed, are currently in testing, and will be rolled out in time for fall 2015 registration.